New Tyres For Christmas

New Tyres For Christmas

Ok, we admit that the thought of new tyres for Christmas might not be the most exciting prospect for you. However, it is actually a very good and sensible idea. Now is the time to come into our South Auckland tyre shop, see our friendly team, and get yourself some Festive Season tyres.

So why should you buy new tyres for Christmas? For a start, you’ll remember when you bought them. This will be important info in the future when it comes to remembering how long you’ve had them on your car and when they might need replacing again. Keeping old tyres on your car because you’re unsure of how long you’ve had them is dangerous; a significant date like Christmas will be easier to keep in mind than some random date during the year.

Another reason why this is the right time is that holiday road trips are probably on your agenda right now. What better time to invest in decent tyres that will give you a smoother and more comfortable ride on long journeys. Many of our customers tell us that it feels like they’re driving a new car after they’ve had their tyres replaced and we fully agree. New tyres change the feel of a drive dramatically, and this is something you’ll appreciate when you’re on the open roads, as well as the windy and hilly ones that you’ll no doubt encounter. New tyres also increase the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, leaving more money in your pocket to spend at your destination.

Finally, and most importantly, new tyres greatly enhance the safety of your vehicle. For example, improved traction reduces slides and skids even in wet conditions. With family and friends to keep safe, you have a responsibility to ensure your vehicle is in great working order and decent tyres are a key factor.

So if you’ve been needing new tyres for a while, buy them for yourself this Christmas time. We understand that Christmas brings a lot of financial pressures with it but we have a wide range of very affordable tyres that will do the job. Drive into our tyre shop in South Auckland and drive out with new tyres – not the most exciting gift but one that is vitally important!