One Wheel Alignment Has So Many Benefits

One Wheel Alignment Has So Many Benefits

We’re proud to say that we offer one of the best wheel alignment services in Auckland, if not THE best.  Our expert wheel alignment team takes great pride in their work and that is reflected in the quality of every job. When you book in an alignment at Drury Tyres, you will not only get a great outcome but you will also enjoy these ongoing benefits: 

  • A Nicer Driving Experience. When the wheels are out of alignment, your vehicle will pull to the left or to the right. This causes a bumpy and jarring ride, and if it’s been a while since your last wheel alignment, then you will be feeling that sensation as you drive around town, particularly through your steering wheel. By booking a wheel alignment with us, you and your passengers are in for a much smoother journey.   
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency. When the wheels are misaligned on your vehicle, your tyres will drag and won’t roll as freely as they should. When this happens, your vehicle works harder and uses up more fuel to cover the same distance. We’ve seen studies that state that wheel misalignment has been known to reduce fuel efficiency by up to 10%. That is a huge amount when you calculate it over the course of a year. You’re looking at thousands of dollars added to your fuel bill. A wheel alignment will rectify that costly issue and soon pay for itself several times over in fuel savings.
  • Better Steering. When wheels are misaligned, it becomes harder to steer your vehicle. In extreme cases, we know of drivers who have to hold their steering wheel at an angle just so they can drive the car straight ahead! When things get to this point, it’s fair to say that there is a real lack of control and safety is compromised. A wheel alignment will put you back in control behind the steering wheel. 
  • Fewer Suspension Dramas. When your wheels are out of alignment, just the smallest bump can have a big impact on your car’s suspension. On poorly-maintained local roads, where potholes are common, that happens a lot so to minimise the damage we recommend a wheel alignment and a suspension safety check.
  • Longer Lasting Tyres. Misaligned wheels are often the cause of tyres failing before they should, as well as uneven tyre wear. This is because each tyre wears down differently, and you’ll lose tread at an accelerated rate. A wheel alignment will ensure each tyre shares the load, and a regular tyre rotation will help in this regard as well.

One wheel alignment has so many benefits. So why don’t you book yours today? Contact us and we’ll get you sorted.