Our Big Tyres Keep You On The Job

Our Big Tyres Keep You On The Job

We like to think we have the complete tyre range at Drury Tyres. If you’re looking for tyres in South Auckland, or you’re willing to travel from further afield for a great deal and the best service in the city, we can look after you with the right tyre at the right price.

Our range is big in every sense of the word. By that, we mean we have a sizeable selection for you to choose from, and we also have big tyres in stock. We’re talking about top-quality tyres for larger vehicles such as motor homes, recreational vehicles, RVs, campervans, vans, light trucks, heavy trucks, bobcats and tractors. No matter what sort of large vehicle you drive, we’ll know what big tyres to put on it. 

For many of our customers, being able to supply and fit large tyres without delay is hugely important. Many of them use their vehicles for work, and when they need a new tyre, prolonged downtime is the last thing they need. When a truck driver is off the road, their ability to make a living comes to a screeching halt. A farmer can’t work the land without a tractor. A delivery driver can’t deliver while their van is idle. A contractor falls way behind schedule when their bobcat isn’t up to the job. You get the idea…

This is why the team at Drury Tyres does everything we can to replace big tyres on large vehicles as quickly as we can. Time is money, especially when you’re self-employed. You need to get mobile again, and that is why we carry such an extensive range of tyres.

No matter what sort of tyre you need, be it a set of standard tyres for your family sedan, or something high performance for your sports car, or bigger tyres for the vehicle you make a living in, we pride ourselves on our prompt and professional fitting service. After all, what’s the point in carrying all the best tyres if we don’t know how to fit them correctly? And, of course, no matter the size of the tyre, we’ll always give you the best possible deal, including manufacturer-specific offers as they arise. 

We’ll keep you on the move, and thanks to our large tyres, we’ll keep you on the job as well. Contact us, tell us what sort of vehicle you drive, and we’ll look after you.