While The Sun Is Still Shining, Prepare Your Tyres For Rainy Days At The Tyre Shop Pukekohe

While The Sun Is Still Shining, Prepare Your Tyres For Rainy Days At The Tyre Shop Pukekohe

Even though us Kiwis are in the midst of summer, rain is still a possibility and can be an unexpected, unwanted surprise when finding yourself battling heavy downpours which came crashing down on your car in the blink of an eye.

Summer is here and rainfall is not expected but with climate change affecting weather conditions around the planet, it’s best to always be prepared for odd weather which can strike just like that. You can then blame the weatherman when your tyres aren’t able to cope in that summer storm. If you thought summer wouldn’t bring the rain and then waited to only replace or check your tyres just before the rainy season, take responsibility. However, let’s not be reactive and rather be proactive!

Be Proactive Because When It Rains, Your Tears Will Pour

Rain and wet roads affect how you drive as well as your tyres and brakes so always be proactive and get your car and tyres servicing by a reliable mechanic. Making a regular trip to a tyre shop in Pukekohe such as Drury Tires, and being informed about the state of your tyres and replacing them if needed, will help you prevent panic on the road when sudden weather changes hit.

Plan For Unpredictable Weather, Then Prepare

A stop by trusted professionals can help assess your lights, tyre pressure and tread as well as your windshield wipers. This is a precautionary measure which we encourage all our customers to do because the weather has become so unpredictable over the last few years. Not only will a mechanic be able to quickly alert you to any problems and solutions but can also make tyre repairs and replacements if needed. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail and we don’t want your tyres to fail when you have actually prepared.

With New Tyres, Tread On The Road Lightly When Driving In Rain 

Before heading out on the rain-soaked road, it’s always best to check your tyres and the pressure before you get in the driver’s seat. It is also then advised to drive much slower during rain just to avoid water patches, sudden braking and potential collisions due to reduced visibility and dispelling of water through the tyres. Driving slower allows you to gauge how much space you have between you and other cars and can give you more time to react in the event of an accident. Rather stick to the middle lane to avoid deep water patches and move to the boundary lane when a car approaches to avoid giant water splashes covering your car and affecting your ability to momentarily see the road.

Even with poor visibility, it is the responsibility of the driver to consistently check the road condition before them. This is to identify any water patches which will lead to vehicles hydroplaning and causing a collision. If you spot one up ahead, change lanes in a safe manner if you can. However, if it’s too close, rather put on your hazards to alert other drivers around you and start gradually slowing down without losing traction. Avoid wet patches as well as they may be water-filled potholes which can easily lead to a bad blowout. And if you have a blowout, move your car to the side of the road and wait for the rain to pass before attempting to change the tyre. Which reminds us to remind you to always have a spare tyre in your vehicle. And if you’re on the spare tyre, get a replacement asap.

Get Vehicle Ready For Weather Extremities

Worn down tyres can be a real hazard in wet conditions and it’s important to visit us at Drury Tires. We are a tyre shop in Pukekohe that makes it a priority to keep you safe on the road. With our expert opinion and skilled mechanics, we can make sure your vehicle is ready for any extremities – give us a call today.