Preparing Your Car For The New School Year With New Tires NZ

Preparing Your Car For The New School Year With New Tires NZ

The new school year is upon us and while you are focused on preparing your little ones for their first days at school, you’ve probably forgotten to prepare your car for school drop-offs and pick-ups. There is so much to think about from school uniforms and stationery to organising playdates. And though this may take up the majority of your time over the next few days, you must make time to get your car checked out too and those shoddy looking tires replaced. Whether you’re doing the school run with your children or the selected driver in the carpool, it is beyond critical to have your car and tires in optimal condition. Even though it’s a busy time, a few simple checks on your vehicle and its current tires, or seeking the advice of tire and motor vehicle specialists, can help you make sure your car and the four rubber tubes which get it moving are in top-notch shape and ready for the school year ahead.

First Check The Tires

Incorrect tire pressure can be detrimental to your car and dangerous to you and your passengers. Tire pressure needs to be checked regularly and needs to be filled up consistently too. Additionally, worn-out tires with poor treads can be more hazardous than you think and need a replacement urgently. A professional can help evaluate the health of your tires, offering advice on what needs to be done and addressing any urgent issues. 

Replace All At Once

If you’ve only found one tire which is looking worse for wear, don’t simply replace this tire only. This will create problems as the wheel alignment and car balance will be off, which has further affects on the other non-changed tyres. It is important, albeit costly, to replace all at once but rather pay now to save later. Also replacing all four tires with the same tire make is essential for longevity. Different tire makes boast different qualities, tread depth and thickness so be sure to replace all four with one tire brand to ensure all four tires touch the road the same way and are impacted in the same way too. 

Tires Changed, Now Be Sure To Align

Zooming off immediately after your tires have been placed is not wise. Sure, you’re in a hurry, but a further 10-minute wait to get your wheels aligned at the tire shop is beneficial. Wheel alignment ensures a stable drive and avoids future car wobbles or minor shakes which occur when slightly-out-of-place wheels start to rear off in the wrong direction.

Avoid A Blowout Which Will Leave You Tired 

Before you get on the road, you need to make sure your vehicle is secure enough to carry children and safe enough to drive on the road with others. Vehicle safety is paramount in avoiding blowouts, preventable collisions and car malfunctions while driving. If you are looking for help with your tires in NZ or just need a quick servicing, contact us at Drury Tires for affordable service and reliable expertise.