Prepping Your Vehicle To Stay-In

Prepping Your Vehicle To Stay-In

With so many of us working from home these days, our cars are often staying in for much longer than anticipated. And even though it is a good cost-saving effort, with minimal mileage and decreased fuel bills, not preparing your vehicle for low usage can also become expensive in the long-run. Tires can run flat, batteries can die and engines can become cranky after excessive periods of just standing.

People assume that a vehicle parked off will simply just start with no problem, offering a safe driving experience. However, cars that have not been maintained during this period are more likely to have mechanical failures, tire blowouts and be dangerous to you and other road users.

Here are some of our top tips to assist you.

Plan For Parking 

Depending on where you live, you may not have access to covered parking or a garage. Invest in a car cover if this is the case, to avoid your vehicle being exposed to the weather. Although not completely weatherproof, it can save you a few dollars by adding a protective cover to the entire vehicle. It can also assist with reducing evaporation of fuel and oil from your engine.

Regular Check-Ups 

Ensure that your engine has sufficient levels of oil and water. Your engine can overheat with low levels, causing a blow-out and becoming a road hazard. Doing a check-up every few weeks is an inexpensive way to avoid a potentially detrimental situation that can be harmful to you and the family (as well as costly), depending on the damage caused.

Drive Frequently 

If your vehicle is parked off for a long period of time, your battery will start to lose its charge. Make sure to start your vehicle every couple of days, taking it for the grocery run weekly. It won’t cost much in fuel or mileage but can help you avoid a dead battery. Whatever your reasoning may be behind using your own vehicle less, it’s essential that you remember to still keep it in good working condition. This is so that when you do jump back into the driver’s seat, you have a fully operational car. Poor preparation and maintenance can leave you stranded on the side of the road at the most inopportune times and likely with some unexpected bills. And this is reason enough to maintain your vehicle even when it’s parked long term. For more assistance with your vehicle’s tires, mechanical services and more – give us a call today at Drury Tires.