Summer is here and as New Zealanders prepare to make the most of the early sunrises and late sunsets, tire safety is paramount. This is especially critical on road-trips through the countryside that require off-roading. Checking in with your local provider of car tyres in Auckland is a good start, but what do you do while you’re out of range and have to tackle a gravel road?

Take It Slow

Besides admiring your vast surroundings, the best way to drive over a gravel road or similar is to drive slowly. A consistent pace is important because you can avoid sudden obstacles such as animals crossing or make narrow bends. It’s also advisable to drive slowly because it’s safer to stop, rather than hitting the brakes and spinning your vehicle. Steady driving will also allow you to improve your reaction time.

Check Weather Conditions

Being prepared for sudden weather changes can improve your driving and reduce strain on your tires. Rain isn’t conducive to off-roading and being aware is the safest precaution you can take. You can easily lose traction in wet conditions and can cause a serious accident or collision on a busy trail.

Lower Your Tire Pressure And Change It

To avoid a potential problem with tires during off-roading or wet seasons, it’s a good idea to consult with a car mechanic. Not only will they check your current tire pressure, but they may also suggest reducing it to improve its grip. This will help your tread to expand to make more contact with the surface area. Speaking to a professional about your concerns with standard tires is crucial because they’ll be able to determine if your tires are safe to use for your off-roading requirements. They can also help find a specific type of tire suitable for rougher surfaces and harder driving.

Be Extra Cautious

Some people assume that a car will drive in the same way, regardless of the road surface. This is a dangerous assumption because you need to be more cautious when off-roading. Your tires are exposed to new elements and the impact is heightened. If it’s a busy road or trail, a slow pace can help you when approaching other vehicles. Overtaking can also be a problem if you aren’t sure how long it will take you to pass by.

You must use these safety tips as a preventative measure when off-roading. A blowout, collision or accident can put a damper on your road trip, so it’s important to visit your local shop for car tyres in Auckland and speak to an expert. At Drury Tires, we can give you peace of mind, with the correct tires for any environment.