Saving On Your Fuel Bill

Saving On Your Fuel Bill

One area that we often look at when customers complain about their high fuel consumption is their tyres. We tend to find that used tyres in Auckland can lead to increased fuel usage. Although we always offer our customers affordable tyres in great condition, not every service provider is as stringent on quality control. Tyres that are worn out have inconsistent pressure and are prone to flat spots, which means they become susceptible to using more fuel due to uneven contact with the road surface. This, in turn, leads to your vehicle working harder to drive.

And so, we have compiled this useful guide to assist you with saving on your fuel bill in the future, with helpful suggestions.

Check Your Tyres 

Have a professional evaluate your tyres, whether they are new or used because this can help diagnose if they are the source of your expensive mileage. We can advise you on the best recourse, such as tyre replacement or repairs and offer affordable solutions to consider.

Assess Your Driving

Poor driving, excessive speeding and incorrect braking techniques are all reasons why your vehicle may be using more fuel than necessary. If saving money is a priority, it would be wise to start driving properly and measure the results by comparing fuel slips at the end of the month.

Think About Where You’re Fuelling Up 

Oddly enough, the location of your most frequented petrol station could be the cause of your increased fuel spend every week. Stations that are found in more urban areas can have higher prices and tend to be more expensive if you have to drive further to get to it. It is also recommended to consider different providers and do a cost analysis of what each competitor is charging.

Ensure You’re Using The Right Fuel 

Sometimes we forget to read the manual book that we receive when purchasing our vehicles and miss any important information about fuel usage. It may be time to reference yours again to ensure you are filling up the right fuel for your vehicle. Different grades of fuel can affect performance and consumption in various vehicle types, so this is essential to confirm.

Stop Parking In The Sun 

Although this may sound strange, fuel in parked cars can quickly evaporate in the sun. This can be why you find yourself spending more than usual. Try to always park under covered parking in public spaces or purchase a car cover for your home to avoid losing fuel unnecessarily.

Even though other factors also contribute to spikes in fuel consumption, there are ways to manage this cost in the future. Start with evaluating your used tyres in Auckland with a trusted professional before considering any other areas that could be affecting your fuel consumption increase. To speak to one of our qualified mechanics or book your car in for a service, give us a call at Drury Tires.