Signs of wheel alignment and our secret tips to prevent it

Signs of wheel alignment and our secret tips to prevent it

Wheel alignments are usually an afterthought for the everyday motorist. Though, they’re actually a super handy piece of maintenance to keep on top of to prolong the lifespan of your tyres and to keep your car as safe and well-run as possible. Always one to go above and beyond in our customer care, our top tyre experts at Drury Tires have put together the tell-tale pointers for knowing when you need a wheel alignment.

  1. Off Centre Steering Wheel – The steering wheel is designed to be at dead center when the vehicle is moving. Check the position of the steering wheel when driving on a straight road. An easy way to determine that is to check if the logo is centered in the center of the vehicle.
  2. Car Pulling to the Left or Right – One of the simplest signs is when the car pulls to a certain direction while driving. Pulling slightly to the right or left is fine, but if you find that you have to constantly turn to stay straight, you are probably having alignment issues.
  3. Shaky Car or Steering Wheel – When you accelerate your steering wheel should not vibrate to the point where you can feel it in your hands. If your car shakes while driving, this could be a number of problems, one of which is the wheel alignment. An ASE certified technician must diagnose the problem to check if the cause is a nonconformity or a separate issue.
  4. Quickly Wearing Tyres – Tire wear is a good indicator of vehicle problems. Tire wear must be evenly distributed inside and outside the vehicle. Using your eyes or an experienced mechanic, you can quickly identify abnormal tire wear. This can indicate several problems, one of which is (you guessed it) wheel alignment imbalance.

But, with these secret tips below, it might not get to the point you need a wheel alignment. While it’s best to leave wheel alignments to the professionals, there are precautionary steps you can take. Here are some misalignment issues you can prevent yourself:

  1. Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tyres is a good way to prevent unnecesssary wear and tear.
  2. Drive more conservatively. With less strain on steering and suspension, your alignment will be better maintained.
  3. Reduce car weight. Removing heavy items from your trunk will stop additional weight loading down your back end, which can throw off your alignment.

Finally, remember that even with new tyres or by following our tips, wheels won’t align themselves. Always refer your vehicle to an expert at Drury Tyres to ensure your car is in the best hands. Contact us to discuss your wheel alignment needs today.