Some Advice On Tyre Care Before You Go On Holiday

Some Advice On Tyre Care Before You Go On Holiday

If you’re packing your vehicle before setting off on that long-awaited driving holiday, have you taken into account how your tyres will be affected by the combined weight of passengers and luggage? It’s a weighty issue and one worth thinking about. Many of our customers wish they had Googled “tyre shop near me” and sought some expert advice on this very matter before they went away so let us give you that advice right now!

Have You Factored In The Extra Strain?

Most people don’t consider how the combined weight of passengers and luggage will affect the tyres, and they don’t even check their owner’s manual for recommended tyre pressures and suitable load weight for the vehicle.

For future reference, the higher the load rating, the more weight the tyre is able to carry without being put under excessive strain. Tyre pressures do have to be adjusted according to the weight of the vehicle so ensure you get this right to avoid a blowout on your way to your holiday destination. Obviously, this is something we can help you with.

Some More Safety Tips

  • Remove any unnecessary junk in your car to lighten the load and only pack the essentials. Keep luggage to a minimum by ensuring your passengers don’t overpack.
  • If you can, ensure all luggage and holiday items are equally distributed throughout the boot and the rest of the vehicle’s storage areas. Check all luggage is secured to stop it from moving around during the drive and affecting the balance of the vehicle as a result.
  • If towing a caravan or anything else, seek our advice on how the extra weight might  affect the tyres and the vehicle itself

Once On The Road, Take A Load Off

When driving with a heavily-packed vehicle, it’s important to take a load off and we don’t mean unpacking your car at every stop. What we mean is making regular stops to let your strained tyres cool down and keeping the tyres pumped up if they lose pressure during a long drive.

Before Your Trip, See Us 

Before your road trip, you can Google “tyre shop near me” or you can come straight to us for the very best advice on looking after your tyres while you’re travelling. We’re also the people to see for an oil change, transmission servicing or any other vehicle servicing.  Contact us at Drury Tires for superb service and quality workmanship.