Some Motorhome Driving Tips

Some Motorhome Driving Tips

We recently published a blog post about motorhome grooming and have received plenty of calls from people wanting us to perform that service for them. A lot of them have just invested in a motorhome; with overseas travel being off the agenda right now, holidaymakers are opting for the great Kiwi road trip and many of them are buying motorhomes to do it in.

Motorhomes are great ways to get around but if travelling in one is still a bit of a novelty for you, then we have some advice to make your New Zealand road holiday a much safer and more pleasant one:

  • Get to know your motorhome before you go. Driving a motorhome will feel different if you are used to a smaller car. Even the way you sit in the vehicle may feel a little strange at first so we recommend that you hop into the driver’s seat of your motorhome while it is parked up. Get yourself comfortable and adjust mirrors, seat belt height, lumbar support, and armrests. Check that you can comfortably turn your head to see in all directions. Check your view in the mirrors.
  • If possible, take it for a drive around a big car park before your first big road trip – bright and early on a Sunday morning when everyone else is still in bed is a great time to do this. Practice your reversing, turning in both directions, braking, and parking in a space.
  • When you embark on your journey, pull over and let other traffic go if there is a queue behind you. These days, there are plenty of slow traffic bays and other areas where it is safe to do this and it really will be appreciated by your fellow motorists. At the same time, it will reduce your stress levels knowing there is no long line of impatient drivers behind you.
  • Don’t be too fussed about sticking to a driving schedule. Take your time with lots of breaks to allow you to stretch your legs. Don’t drive while you’re tired. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep and share the driving if you can, Allow more than enough time to get to your destination.
  • Remember that your motorhome is a much bigger vehicle than the one you may usually drive. It’s extra important to look out for height indicator signs, cantilever awnings, overhanging tree branches and be careful when reversing near fixed objects. Another tip from experienced motorhome owners is to use larger service stations that make it easy to get in and out of. It’s also smart to have someone outside the motorhome guiding you as you pull up to the pump.
  • Be careful in windy conditions. These vehicles are rarely designed with aerodynamics in mind. In extreme conditions, pull over and wait until the worst of it has passed.

By following these tips, you will enjoy your motorhome experience as you should. And for some motorhome grooming in Auckland before you go, you know who to contact!