Taking Preventative Measures To Avoid Road Accidents

Taking Preventative Measures To Avoid Road Accidents

While road accidents can sometimes be unavoidable – due to negligent road users, poor roads or even extreme weather – there are ways to try and alleviate the risk of colliding into somebody else by implementing safe driving protocols. Even though we all strive to keep ourselves out of harm’s way when driving, irresponsible behaviour or bad habits can greatly affect us by causing major injury and sometimes even death. At Drury Tires, we believe in more than just offering our customers a cheap car service in Auckland – we want to help you drive better too.

Safety on our roads should be everyone’s concern, which is why we have compiled this useful guide of habits you should avoid when in the driver’s seat. Here are some of the most common causes of road accidents

Inadequate Road Worthiness 

Ignoring your next service date for your vehicle is extremely irresponsible, and whether you do it to avoid the costs or are simply too busy to schedule it into your calendar, it can be a serious problem. Regular servicing, allows your car to be inspected by an accredited professional who will check the quality of your tires, the performance of your brakes and ensure your car has sufficient fluid levels. While you may save some money by forgoing the next service, you may ultimately be putting yourself and others at risk if your vehicle is not road worthy.

Cell Phone Usage 

A significant bad habit that so many of us seem to adopt is using our cell phones while driving. We all do it, whether it’s to catch up on missed calls or to text a friend or family member. And even though you swear you are completely responsible by only checking your phone at traffic lights, it still is quite common to end up having an accident because of cell phone usage. Make it a habit of turning your phone on silent, to avoid being distracted on the road.

Driving When Tired

We all live such busy lives, and in between our daily routines, we often get run down and exhausted. But we still force ourselves into picking up the children after their soccer match or quickly running to the store because we’ve forgotten to get milk again. Fatigue can cause serious harm, and you should always be well-rested every time you get behind the wheel to ensure you are alert and ready to avoid any obstructions on the road to the best of your ability.

Although many of us may feel that this doesn’t apply to us, only a few of us can honestly admit we have never used our cell phones while driving or even felt sleepy on the road. This article serves as a reminder to always make sure your vehicle is in good working condition at all times and that you are completely focused when on the road. To help keep your car safe to use, book a cheap car service in Auckland with us at Drury Tires. Call us today for reliable service and professional expertise.