Life can get busy. Budget and time constraints may lead to you putting off booking your cheap car service Auckland, even when it’s due. A delay may not seem like such a big deal, especially if your car appears to be fine. However, not servicing your car on time could lead to serious and unnecessary consequences. These are just some of the many dangers of not servicing your car on time:

  • Accelerated wear & tear: Lack of routine servicing has a domino effect on vehicle parts and functioning. Even components that are not part of the required service will start to experience accelerated wear and tear due to other parts not being serviced on time.
  • Increased fuel consumption: Regular servicing keeps your car running optimally and efficiently. Once there are delays to the standard service tasks (such as changing the fluids, oils, filters and plugs), your car’s fuel consumption will increase.
  • Compromised braking system: Experienced mechanics check your brake pads and entire braking system to ensure that everything is working properly. Driving around for extended periods without servicing your vehicle could mean you’re driving with a compromised braking system.
  • Engine oil & sludge build up: Cars that aren’t regularly serviced tend to experience a build-up of oil and sludge on the engine, causing an issue with the normal flow of oil through the car. This pollutes your engine and negatively impacts performance.
  • Safety risks: Servicing takes care of a car’s specific maintenance needs, as well as serves a diagnostic function to check if any other mechanical or parts aren’t functioning correctly. In addition to the particular problems listed above, not servicing your car means that other problems aren’t picked up.
  • Warranty & value: Not servicing your car in line with the standard service schedule often results in you losing the dealership or factory warranty on your vehicle. The terms of most warranty agreements explicitly state that the vehicle must be serviced based on the listed mileage benchmarks, or annually (whichever comes first). Not adhering to the servicing dates also lowers the value of your car when it comes to selling or trading it in at a later stage.

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