For your vehicle to perform optimally, regular maintenance and car servicing are necessary. And often car owners, feel confident in knowing that their wheel alignment will be checked at their next car service, so they do not think about it any further. However, prioritising your vehicle’s wheel alignment can save you from costly bills in the future and help reduce the risk of an accident due to malfunction in your car. As specialists in tyres Auckland, we understand the need for frequent checks and can assure you that it is more important than you think.

Wheel alignment can affect your vehicle’s tire wear, tire, and fuel performance. It can improve the way your vehicle moves and makes for better handling, especially in harsh weather conditions and unfavourable road surfaces. Necessarily, your wheel alignment should make your vehicle drive “straighter” on the road, which is why it should be maintained often.

Although following your motor or servicing plan for your car to schedule wheel alignments, is always advisable, there are other times when you should also consider it.

1. Before Travelling

As warmer months roll in, many will take to the road for the summer holidays and festive season. And though many follow up servicing before a big trip, they may neglect to have a wheel alignment done and only focus on tire pressure. Misaligned tyres can be troublesome for long-distance driving and can increase your fuel usage. For a smoother ride this summer, a wheel alignment can be beneficial to the performance of your car and can avoid any unnecessary hassles or costs on your travels.

2. After Serious Impact

If you have been involved in an accident, regardless of how minor it was, it can affect your tyres and specifically your wheel alignment. Other events that often go ignored too is driving over rough terrain or into a curb and even through a pothole – all causing impact to your wheel alignment. Tire wear can be significantly reduced because of misalignment, and it will affect your handling of the vehicle negatively too.

3. Annual Checks

Your tyres will face road surfaces, hard-driving and the occasional rough bumps over time, which leads to misalignment. Although motor or servicing plans for your vehicle may suggest a wheel alignment after a certain number of kilometres have been reached, this is only a recommendation and should not deter you from doing one beforehand. Checking once a year can alert you to other issues, indicate your tire wear and ensure that misalignment is reduced.

Not only will it affect your daily driving, but wheel alignment also has a significant impact on a vehicle’s suspension. Therefore, you must understand that any misalignment can result in vehicle malfunction, expensive insurance claims, and stressful situations.

At Drury Tyres, we specialise in wheel alignment, car servicing and tyres in Auckland. We can provide you with comprehensive quality to fix your tire and wheel alignment and assure you that our service is quick, reliable and trusted.