The (Not So) Great Tyre Mismatch

The (Not So) Great Tyre Mismatch

Over the course of several years, when one or two tyres get replaced on a car at a time, an odd thing happens: the tyres eventually become mismatched.  A few examples of mismatched tyres that we’ve observed at our tyre shop in Pukekohe include the mixing of:

  • Winter tyres with all-season or summer tyres
  • Tyres with radically different tread patterns
  • Tyres made by different manufacturers
  • Tyres with different construction characteristics
  • Tyres of different sizes

When there are different tyres on the same vehicle you can run into all sorts of issues. They’ll wear out at a varying rate, making future rotation even more difficult. Issues with inflation, alignment and suspension can also arise, as can handling and control problems. While a vehicle might still be driveable with mismatched tyres, it certainly won’t perform at its best. This odd tyre arrangement can also affect fuel consumption, and it might be a case that you’ve been paying too much for petrol for too long.

You really are better off using identical tyres with the same tread pattern, size, and construction on all wheels. When you do, you’ll enjoy optimum control and stability for your vehicle. The whole balance of the vehicle will be enhanced, and as the one in the driver’s seat, you’ll certainly appreciate this.

Of course, budgetary considerations might force you to replace just one or two of the tyres at a time. A lot of people do this, so it’s not unusual. If that’s the case, try to replace them with the same brand, style, and size that are already on the vehicle. If it’s not possible e.g. if the tyre is no longer available on the market, the best option is to choose tyres in the same performance category that have equivalent load ratings, speed ratings, handling, and traction characteristics as the original ones.

When it comes to replacing tyres with new ones that won’t be exactly the same, we can give you our expert opinion on what will go closest to achieving an acceptable match. While the best option is to put a whole new set of identical tyres, we understand that your current situation might not allow you to do that. Whatever option you go for, get in touch with us and we’ll help you come up with the best possible tyre set up.