As warmer days are on their way, your car should be in the best working condition for family trips and casual days out on the road. People assume that your car care is only important in cooler months, but this is a common misconception. Car care should be an all-year priority, from finding a professional service provider for tires in NZ to checking your battery and brakes. Your vehicle needs to be safe to use for you and your family. Drury Tires has compiled a brief summer maintenance plan for your car to use before those road trips are taken


1. Tire Check

Winter tires are not as common in New Zealand amongst road users. But if you are consistent with changing your tires in different seasons, use this as a reminder to change to a summer set now. Seasonal tires differ in tread and wear occurred during this season, and the incorrect set can affect the durability of your tires. It’s also advisable to do a rotation and alignment every few months or following the seasons. This will assist in even wear of your tires and is a safety measure for driving. A thorough tire check should conclude with an assessment of your air pressure. Incorrect inflation can be a serious safety risk to you and other road users. Lastly, often people forget about their spare tire until they need it. Now is a good time to check that it’s in working condition and ready to use in an emergency.

2. Oil Change

Regular oil changes are essential to the “health” of your engine and car. Unchanged, dirty oil can affect the performance of your vehicle. Not only will this lead to increased fuel consumption, but it’s also a preventative measure against overheating. An oil change needs to be conducted as per the maintenance plan received with your car, but it’s also worthwhile to check levels before a long trip.

3. Filter Care

Air quality is important for lengthier journeys during summer, as you and your family will be in a small enclosed space for some time. It can also be exhaustive and frustrating to drive in a car with a clogged air filter during hot days because your cooling system is backed up. Depending on your service plan manual for your vehicle and its suggested frequency, you will know how often you should change out the air filter. New seasons bring dust and other pollutants with them, so check this often.

Before planning your summer road trip, correct car care can make for a more pleasurable holiday. For peace of mind, Drury Tires is a specialist in tires in NZ and will be able to do a comprehensive assessment of your wheels to ensure that they’re ready to hit the road.