The Truth About Dry Rot

The Truth About Dry Rot

We’re proud to sell such an extensive range of cheap tyres in Auckland. As a family business, we love helping other families stay safe on the roads and our affordable prices let them do just that. By being able to pay less and replace their tyres more frequently, our customers avoid issues like dry rot.

As with most rubber products, there is a natural degradation over time. Take a look at an old rubber band and you’ll notice how brittle it can become. The same principle applies to tyres. As the years go by, they deteriorate. It’s nothing to do with the quality of the tyre – it’s just what happens. This phenomenon is often known as dry rot, as those two words nicely sum up what appears to be happening; the tyres are drying out and seem to be rotting.

The signs of dry rot include cracks on the sidewall of the tyre, which in the case of more advanced weathering, could even extend to the tread. The tyre might also appear to be harder than normal with the surface being brittle like that old rubber band we discussed – furthermore, when you touch areas affected by dry rot, then pieces of the tyre could flake off. One other thing to look out for is discolouration when the tyre takes on more of a grey appearance.

While these things are pretty much inevitable as tyres get older, there are factors that can speed up dry rot. They include:

  • –  Excessive exposure to UV rays
  • –  Low inflation pressure in the tyres
  • –  Not using tyres due to the vehicle being off the road for a prolonged period
  • –  Storing tyres near electric motors, battery chargers, generators, welding equipment,
  •     or other ozone-generating sources

Obviously, a tyre that isn’t in great shape will affect safety, as well as overall performance, handling, comfort and fuel economy. That’s why regular Inspections are worthwhile. Check the sidewalls and tread of your tyres every month or two, looking out for cracks, discolouration, bulges, signs of wear or unnatural blemishes. Park out of the sunlight as much as you can, and ensure your tyres are always inflated at the correct levels, as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Once deterioration becomes obvious on your older tyres, the best thing to do is replace them. As South Auckland’s leading provider of affordable tyres, we’ll help you do that without breaking the bank so come and see us when it’s time for a new set.