The Value Of Regular Car Servicing

Routine maintenance is essential and no vehicle owner plans to go months or years on end without servicing their car. Due to busy schedules and reduced finances though, we try to put off servicing until our vehicle is in such a poor condition that it affects our ability to use it. And many also seem to assume that every service will be expensive, but at Drury Tires we offer cheap car service in Auckland to ensure that you can afford a regular maintenance schedule on time and without delay.

Just some of the obvious benefits from regular car maintenance that a Kiwi vehicle owner can enjoy include, increased safety and maintenance of the value of the vehicle.  Beyond that, regular servicing increases the lifespan of the vehicle, but it also ensures that it is safe to drive as potential issues identified quickly and resolved timeously. A vehicle that is maintained consistently has value, whereas a car breaking down regularly will hold less value on the resale market. And most importantly, you can savour the decrease in expenses, as servicing immediately solves problems instead of costing you more to drive now and in the future.

Based on the vehicle model, the manufacturer will always provide owners with a servicing guide and comprehensive manual to the car. But as time goes by, some of us can misplace this important document, and that can also be a contributing factor as to why so many of us put off regular car servicing. By consulting with a professional or contacting the manufacturer, you should be able to distinguish how often your vehicle should be in maintenance. However, if you fail to do so, our useful guide can give you an indication of how frequently you should service your car.

Monthly Or Quarterly Checks 

Depending on how often you use your vehicle, you may notice the need to regularly do fluid, tire pressure and oil checks. It is essential that you also schedule engine air-filter assessments to ensure that your car does not run the risk of overheating.

The 6-Month Check 

Even though a car manual may reference distance as an indicator of required maintenance, doing a check-up every six months can be helpful. Here the battery and cables are inspected, the oil filter replaced and brakes checked.

The 12-Month Check 

This differs from a regular or 6-month check, in that it is a full and comprehensive service on a vehicle. Also, a wheel alignment, brake pad inspection and cooling system check are carried out.

Although it is understandable as to why some hesitate about following a maintenance schedule, due to time and financial constraints, it is a necessity if you want a safe vehicle for you and your family to use. Drury Tires specialises in providing the public with cheap car service in Auckland that is cost-effective and convenient to suit your requirements. Call us today to find out more about our rates and book a service.