There’s A Good Reason Why Tyres Are Black!

There’s A Good Reason Why Tyres Are Black!

Well done! Your online search for “tyres shop near me” has been a successful one because you’re certainly in the right place. Here at Drury Tyres, we can help you with just about any tyre requirement you might have, plus we have a team of experts who know how to fit them properly.

Our incredible tyre range includes:

  • Tyres for sedans
  • Tyres for light and heavy trucks
  • Ultra-high performance tyres for sports cars
  • Rare tyres for classic, vintage or muscle cars
  • Tyres for tractors
  • Tyres for motorhomes, recreational vehicles, RVs and camper vans
  • Tyres for bobcats
  • Used tyres

Yes, we have all sorts of different tyres at Drury Tyres. Thousands of them! But they have in thing in common. They’re all black. And they’re black for several very good reasons.

We’re often asked why tyres don’t come in all sorts of different colours, just like cars do. Where are the pink ones? The green ones? The purple ones? Our answer is that it’s mostly down to safety, practicality and functionality. Tyres are made to do a very important job and how they look is secondary. The rubber that tyres are sourced from is not dark at all; natural rubber is more of a milky white colour but carbon black is added to the rubber as a stabilizing chemical compound and this is what makes the tyre black. When carbon black is combined with other polymers, it creates the tyre’s tread compound, while increasing its strength and durability.

Carbon black further extends the tyre’s lifespan by drawing the heat away from the parts that usually get very hot during driving, including the belt areas and the tread. It also protects the tyre from the harmful effects of UV light and ozone, two known elements that are widely known to contribute to a tyre’s deterioration over time.

So there you have it. After reading that, you’ll agree that carbon black gives tyres many of the important properties you rely on to enjoy trouble-free motoring. Carbon black keeps you safe, and your family as well. So the next time you’re searching for a “tyres shop near me”, and you come across our site, don’t expect pink, yellow, green or purple tyres. Instead, expect to find what you’re after. Contact us for any tyre you need – just as long as its black!