Schedules are getting busier and more important priorities are making their way to the top of the list. Which is why sometimes tire issues go undetected because you don’t have the time to check them thoroughly. Just because your vehicle is running smoothly, doesn’t mean that it’s safe and it’s irresponsible to assume so. You may be thinking “a visit to a tyre shop near me is unnecessary, everything is fine.” – but you’re not a professional, and you don’t want to wait until it affects your life.

It’s an important exercise, and a quick five-minute check regularly can prevent or reduce a serious road accident in the future. Here are some of the physical signs that it’s time for a tire change.

Your Tires Are Only Worn Down In The Middle

Overinflation can be a risk to you and other road users if gone unchecked. Its physical signs are when your tires are worn significantly in the centre, and this is because the tire wasn’t making the correct contact with the road surfaces.

Your Tires Are Visibly Bulging

This isn’t a sign you can ignore, because a bulging tire will continue to expand. Whether it’s due to overinflation, poor road conditions or the impact of hard-driving – it’s serious. Your tire or tires will need to be replaced immediately.

Your Tires Have Worn Out Only on The Edges

The effects of underinflation are often underestimated. Not only will it wear out your tires rapidly, but it will lead to overheating and eventually a blowout. You’ll notice the edges of your tire being worn out more than the middle, which affects driving quality on rougher road conditions.

Your Tires are Only Worn Only On One Side

Unfortunately, this a very commonly missed sign because it can be on either side and sometimes isn’t easy to notice. Single-side wear is significant and points to another severe issue – which is that your vehicle is leaning more towards one side. It can be caused by heavy or inconsistent loads or poor tire maintenance and rotation.

Your tires are important safety features of your car, and poor routine care will have detrimental consequences. They can be an indicator of another fault in your car, highlight insufficient rotation and ultimately tell you how roadworthy your vehicle is. If you’re searching for a “tire shop near me”, contact Drury Tires for expert advice and professional service.