Planning For A Road Trip: A Timeline To Your Preparation

Planning For A Road Trip: A Timeline To Your Preparation

We often see an influx of frantic vehicle owners approach us the day before their big road trip, worried about the condition of their tires and overall vehicle. That’s because we sometimes forget about the vital role our vehicle plays in our local getaway holidays. And many times, customers are quite surprised about how much work needs to go into planning for a road trip. By visiting a local tyre shop such as Drury Tires ahead of time, you can drive around New Zealand this summer with the comfort of knowing your car is completely safe after being checked comprehensively.

Keeping your family and vehicle safe this holiday is paramount, which is why an additional car servicing and tyre check by a professional should be a priority. Here is how to plan for your big trip to ensure smooth driving and an accident-free holiday.

A Few Weeks Before You Go 

Ask a car mechanic to change your oil and air filters in your car – to avoid any overheating or system failures in the engine. Take note of your owner’s manual for any other recommendations your manufacturer may have made and changing your wiper blades is always advised. Do an intensive check on your tire thread, revaluate the tire pressure in all wheels including your spare and look out for any strain on your current wheels. It is essential that your tires are sufficiently inflated to avoid flat tires and blowouts along your journey.

The Week Before Your Trip 

It is crucial that your mechanic checks and corrects all fluid levels such as the oil, power steering and wiper fluids. A final aircon gas up can be beneficial as well as a final check to the coolant. Ensure that your horn and headlights are all in working condition and that you have emergency contacts on hand for any vehicle malfunctions on your road trip.

A Day Before Your Take Off 

Packing essentials along with your luggage is imperative, as it can be extremely useful if you find yourself stranded or out of reach from emergency services. Alert your roadside assistance insurance that you are travelling this summer as you may be able to quickly get in contact with them if you have an issue. But most importantly, pack the necessary tools and equipment for an emergency such as towing rope, tire jack and enough wrenches.

On Your Holiday Road Trip 

Whereas road condition and other road users can define how you handle your own vehicle, adhering to speed limits and maintaining a safe speed each day can be beneficial. Not only is it safer to do so for your family and other road users, but it can also save you on increasing fuel bills due to irresponsible driving. Lastly, ensure that you and any other drivers have enough rest and take turns in driving the vehicle to avoid fatigue and poor handling on the road.

Preparation for a road trip or extended drive by visiting a tyre shop and mechanic beforehand can be key to an enjoyable and safe holiday. Looking for dependable and trusted services in Auckland – speak to us at Drury Tires.