Are your existing tires more than ten years old? Tires need replacing after a certain number of years even if they look in good condition. The quality of rubber deteriorates over time when exposed to oxygen. Are there signs of excessive tread wear or bulging on yours? These are good indicators that your car needs a new set. The correct set of tires (with the right size and specifications) is critical for safe driving and handling and allows your car to perform optimally. When shopping for new cheap tires in Auckland, consider these tips.

1.Avoid Mix And Matching Tire Brands

The idea is to have the same tire brand for all four tires on your vehicle. Every tire brand is designed to offer different features and performance standards. Keeping to the make and model ensures that the car produces a consistent performance in terms of road handling and grip. If two tires tend to show signs of wear relatively quicker than the other two, then make sure these two tires are of the same brand if you can’t match them to the existing tires.

2.Know The Dimensions Of The Tires You Need

Tires are available in different sizes and specifications. This information is displayed on the wall of the tires, so looking at your old set and noting this information will ensure you buy the right tires for your car. Car owners can also find this information in their owner’s manual and are advised never to opt for tires with lower specifications than recommended.

3.Do Your Research And Shop Around For The Best Deal

The best deal doesn’t always translate into the lowest price. Car owners should also factor in the tire fitting service offered by tire shops. Once you have a shortlist of tire shops near you, it’s worth taking the time to contact each one to request a quote for the size and type of tires you need. In addition to the cost of tires, the quote should also include any related services such as balancing and fitting.

Buying the right tires for your car provides you with a vehicle that delivers better fuel efficiency, safety and ride quality. If you’re still uncertain about which tires would best suit your car, come into Drury Tires, and one of our specialist technicians will be happy to assist you. We offer the most extensive range of cheap tires in Auckland, so visit us today.