Top New Zealand all-terrain tyres

Top New Zealand all-terrain tyres

All-terrain tyres are a category of tyre that often use a deeper tread and wider surface to provide more grip and better traction on New Zealand’s rough roads and off-road. Driving cross country in the North or South Island can mean hitting your fair share of unsealed roads, gravel, mud and sand. Tyres made specifically for these rough roads are also safer and more functional meaning less time getting stuck in the mud and more time exploring


If you require all-terrain tyres, Drury Tires can advise which are best suited to the needs of your vehicle. We’ll happily supply and add the chosen tyres and off you go, wherever the road takes you. It’s more about the design and material from which tyres are made that can handle any type of road. All the top brands have that special type of rubber that can perform well not only on the highway but also in sand, dirt and mud.


All-terrain tyres are equally suited for both on-road and off-road driving. Most tyres are designed for normal city and highway conditions, which are generally acceptable. But those that manage difficult and unpredictable terrain are designed and built to withstand whatever is thrown at them. While maintaining a smooth ride and impeccable manners in urban environments, all-terrain tyres offer the following advantages.


Durability: Where ordinary tyres wouldn’t stand a chance in difficult and bumpy terrain, all-terrain can and they’ll last much longer. 


Grip: In addition to a responsive and comfortable ride, handling is also paramount. To eliminate the possibility of accidents on rough terrain at high speeds, tyres must have excellent traction. It’s this confidence-inspiring grip that makes for a good off-road experience.


Versatility: We are talking about tyres that combine everything. It is the versatility that all-terrain tyres are known for.


Our Range

We stock tyres in a variety of sizes and specifications from different brands. As SUVs increase in popularity, so does our stock. For something top-of-the-range, we can explain which tyres offer the best performance for your vehicle type after discussing the type of driving you do. For something more affordable, we are happy to inform you which tyres provide the best value for money. We pride ourselves on giving our customers exactly what they want.


Get in touch with our experts at Drury Tires today to add all-terrain tyres to your vehicle and open up the possibilities of where you can travel.