Tyre Grooming 101: What You Need To Know

Tyre Grooming 101: What You Need To Know

We all know that having a clean car offers many benefits, for the vehicle itself and for the driver. But many of us don’t know the importance of having clean, well-groomed tyres in Auckland and we sometimes neglect this area of car maintenance. While you may pay attention to your cleaning the body of your vehicle, you also need to get down and do some tyre cleaning as we discuss in this blog.

It’s Not Just An Appearance Thing

Cleaning your tyres is not just about appearances. It goes far deeper than that. Having clean, groomed tyres is a vital step in ensuring the longevity of your tyres and car as a whole.

Dirty tyres or ‘brown tyres’ cause havoc on the rubber’s conditioners, antiozonants, protectants and UV absorbers. All of these things affect the flexibility of the tyres and can lead to cracking and dry rot which means an early tyre replacement is inevitable – an expense you don’t want to face so soon after purchasing a new set.

Uncleaned tyres also lead to dirt among the brakes and brake pads, and within the pores of the rubber itself. Dust and dirt within the brake system speed up the need for expensive replacements and repairs. Meanwhile, dirt and moisture combine to create rust and, as we all know, this worsens the condition of your car parts and reduces the safety of your vehicle. Rusty tyres and rims on the road are a no-no and could lead to traumatic accidents while driving with your family or friends.

Why Wear A Tailored Suit With Muddy Boots?

Why spend so much on a tailored suit only to wear dirty boots with it? The same can be said about spending your hard-earned cash on a sparkling vehicle only for the tyres to be constantly covered in dirt and grime. Clean tyres not only complement the appearance of your vehicle but also reflect your pride and attention to detail. When your tyres are filthy the whole car looks worse for it.

A Proper Clean, Not Just A Wipe Down

Tyres need to be professionally cleaned to become a vital preventative step in the maintenance of your vehicle. What does this mean? Well, it means to leave your sponge and bucket in the shed and get your tyres – and car – cleaned properly by the professionals.

Contact us at Drury Tires for all your tyre grooming and car wash requirements. We offer a full car valet and we will be sure to leave your car tyres in Auckland looking like brand new.