Ultra high-performance tyre benefits

Ultra high-performance tyre benefits

If you’re a petrolhead interested in learning more about the benefits of high-performance tyres, look no further. You can instantly improve your driving experience with our top-range tyres in NZ that perform superbly with modern ABS, steering and suspension systems. Offering sports quality performance, our high-end tyre range improves handling, speed, braking, cornering and grip. Let’s get our hands dirty and explain how they improve each aspect of driving:


Originally designed for racing, high-performance tyres are now popular choices for owners of sports cars and owners who want increased handling and traction. Performance tyres offer enhanced driving with treads, design features and special rubber compounds that improve your vehicle’s precision and responsiveness. High performance tyres built for the road but inspired by track technology tuned for better handling and control, especially in wet conditions. They are aimed at drivers who not only want to get from point A to point B, but also want to get more driving pleasure. Here are the top 3 improvements high-performance tyres account for:

#1 Traction

High performance tyres are made with softer rubber and stiffer sidewalls for better traction at high speeds. This means your car can handle tight corners better and provide a smoother overall driving experience. The large surfaces and stick rubber will also help you stop your car quickly, which means you won’t have to brake as hard, improving road safety and reducing wear and tear.

#2 Responsiveness

While you may not consider yourself a high performance driver, today’s road conditions and vehicle design require a certain level of driving from all road users. High-performance tyres allow your vehicle to react quickly, meaning they work best with ABS systems and today’s highly responsive steering and suspension systems.

#3 Heat dispersion

Overheating is one of the main causes of tyre failure, especially when it begins to wear out. The premium materials used in performance tyres make them much more resistant to heat buildup. This improves safety and extends the life of your set of tyres. Keep in mind that most high performance tyres are designed for warmer climates, such as Auckland. Performance tyres have the same basic elements as conventional tyres, but are tuned for maximum performance.

As ultra high-performance tyre specialists, we can offer you expert advice on which tyres are best suited to your vehicle, based on your preferences and your type of vehicle. We have tyres for performance sports cars, vintage and classic cars or muscle cars. Contact us today.