Understanding The Causes Of Punctured Tyres

Understanding The Causes Of Punctured Tyres

Even the most careful drivers are susceptible to tyre punctures from time to time, so you must maintain them with regular check-ups. And whether you are in the market for used tyres Auckland or are looking for brand new ones to fit onto your vehicle – it’s important to take care of them for best use and extended lifespan. Tyres play a vital role in the functioning of a vehicle, working with other parts to ensure a safe drive. Once they are compromised, they can cause serious car malfunctions and potentially a road collision. Both of which can lead to damages, injury and possibly even death.

Although a punctured tyre may seem inevitable occasionally, due to penetration from obstructions lying on the road such as glass or nails, these are not the only causes and sometimes only account for a small percentage of punctured tyres on our roads. Most of the time, we find that negligent driving and irregular check up’s are the primary sources of damaged tyres. While it may seem inconvenient to prioritise a maintenance assessment on your tyres frequently, it can become more troublesome to deal with when you have a puncture and need an urgent replacement. A cost that you may not have anticipated or planned for either.

These are some of the top reasons you should check your tyres regularly.

Inflation Problems 

Not taking note of your tyre pressure can be hazardous to you and other road users, as over-inflated tyres are dangerous and more likely to blow out when penetrated. They also do not absorb shock well, meaning any poor road conditions that include potholes can lead to a punctured tyre.

Aged Tyres 

Trying to save money on tyres by keeping them on even after their recommended use leads to worn-out tyres. Old tyres are more likely to have inflation problems, tread wear and are generally weaker due to the impact of hard-driving.

Damage To The Valve 

Ignored valves are a common sight in the tyre industry, and we see it far too often. Whether it’s drivers being too busy or simply unaware of its importance, a damaged valve leads to air leaking out of your tyres. This makes it easier for a sharp object to penetrate a tyre.

Poor Driving 

Even though manufacturers design tyres to support your vehicle, poor driving can do more damage to your tyres than you may know. If you hardly ever try to avoid road obstructions and purposefully drive through rough patches, you are encouraging a road puncture.

As soon as you feel you may have a tyre puncture, it’s time to seek help from professionals. Vehicles that seem to be misaligned when driving, have strange noises coming from the car in operation or have a problem steering properly are all indicators of a punctured tyre. To replace yours with used tyres in Auckland, speak to us at Drury Tires for trusted service and reputable tyres.