Used Car Tyres: Is It Worth It?

Used Car Tyres: Is It Worth It?

A Quick Guide to Used Car Tyres

With over 2,000 in stock, we know used car tyres can be just as good an option as brand-new tyres, depending on several factors. Slowly but surely tyres do naturally wear out over time and use, but used tyres from Drury Tires can still provide reliable performance and safety. We’ve listed the things we check for to ensure our used tyres are up to standard.

Tyre Age

One of the main concerns with used tyres is their age of rubber as they can dry out and become brittle over time. This can lead to cracking and other forms of damage that can compromise the integrity of the tyres. However, as long as they have been stored properly and have not been exposed to excessive heat or sunlight, they can still be in good condition, even if they are a few years old. We check the age and properly store them so they get to our customers in their best condition.

Tread Wear

Another important factor to consider is the amount of wear on the tyres. As they naturally wear during driving, the tread becomes thinner and less effective at providing traction. At Drury, we only sell tyres with tons of life left in them. There is a law of how much tread tyres have and our used stock comes way, way above the legal limit.

We make it our business to know where our used tyres come from so you can be confident they have been used responsibly and regularly maintained. As experts, it is easy for us to tell what condition a tyre is in. We inspect ours thoroughly to provide only the best used tyres. If you are on a budget, buying used might be the perfect option for you to save money and still get a great product from Auckland’s tyre experts.

Contact us today to find out more about our extensive tyre range from used to new, to ultra-high performance tyres for vintage, classic or muscle cars. Our team will be happy to advise on the best available tyres for your budget.