We’ll Be Your Winter Money Saver

We’ll Be Your Winter Money Saver

Winter is not just the cold season. It’s also the expensive season. We tend to spend a lot more money at this time of year, and it’s not hard to see where that cash goes. For starters, we use much more electricity and gas around the home, and energy companies always charge a premium when demand is high in winter. We use the heat pump more, we use our gas heaters more, we cook more, we use the lights for longer, we take longer hot showers, we turn on the clothes drier more often, as well as our electric blankets…all of these things add up in the shape of drastically high power and gas bills.

Food prices rise at this time of year because of reduced supply, particularly fruit and vegetables – so it costs more to feed the family. That same family usually needs new winter shoes and clothes to keep them warm – and, again, increased demand means higher prices. And let’s not forget that petrol prices often rise around wintertime.

We could give you more examples of how winter is the expensive season as well as the coldest one. But life goes on. You still have to get to work, and you still have to get the kids to school. But what happens when you need new tyres to keep your car on the road so you can get to where you need to go? At this time of year, are new tyres an expense that’s going to break your budget? Not necessarily.

You need tyres, you know that. You can’t drive your car without them. At the same time, you might be wondering just how you can afford them when the cost of living is so high in winter. Our used tyres are the solution, particularly in the short term. They’re a good deal cheaper than our brand new tyres but for getting to work, or to school, or to go to the supermarket, or anywhere around town, they’ll do the job. And when things are cheaper later in the year and you have a bit more money in your pocket, then you can upgrade to new tyres.

Think of our used tyres as a winter money saver when everything else is so expensive. They’re not the best tyres we sell but for around-town travel, where you don’t have to travel a great distance at high speed, they’re more than adequate. Contact us to find out what we have in stock, and how much they’ll cost. It won’t be much, and doesn’t that make a nice change in winter!