So you have had a nice breakfast and you’re getting ready for work, you jump in your car ready to seize the day and you hear thump thump thump and jump out to check and see that one of your tyres is flat!

There are things that you can do to get that sorted.

First Response: Put your spare on and head into Drury Tires and we will look after you.

Second Response: If there is no spare call a tow truck and get it towed to Drury Tires where once again we will look after you.

Now once here we will either give you one of two options.

Option 1: The tyre is easy to fix, we put it back on the car and everything is rainbows and fluffy bunnies.

Option 2: Now if the tyre’s is damaged beyond repair (see pictures below) then we will have to replace the tyre with either a new or used one.

There are a few reasons as to why the tyre would be damaged beyond repair.

The first is that the tyre is not warrantable (low tread depth) meaning that there is no tread left between the road and the chords that hold the tyre together (minimum tread depth is 1.5 mm).

damaged tyre

The next issue that will cause a tyre to not be warrantable is what is known as been “run flat” which just means that the tyre has been driven on for to long while it has been flat or running on low air pressure. There are a few quick ways to know if the tyre may have been “run flat”, The first one is obviously the tyre is flat, the second one is what we’d like to call “the circle of death” which in simple terms means the side wall has given in and the chords may be broken around the edges (see photo below).

Also with this “circle of death” there will also be a lot of residue rubber left over on the inside of the tyre.

damaged tyres

And finally last but not least is the complete blow out, when you’re heading down the motorway, and BOOM! no more tyre. Obvious solution? Replacement. If this happens to you I suggest you immediately pull over and take that tyre off. Too much driving like that and it will damage your rim which will intern damage your wallet. See photos below of what this looks like.

damage tyre

Those are the options for if a tyre is damaged beyond repair.

Head on down to Drury Tires and we will sort out all the issues that you have whether it be punctures, run flats or blow outs. Alignments and mechanical, safety is our number 1 concern here and we uphold all family values.