Are wider tyres better in rain?

Are wider tyres better in rain?

In a place that can be as rainy as Auckland, it is important to understand how different weather affects the driving performance of your car. More specifically, how rain affects safety. In this case; we will take a closer look at how your tyres fare in wet conditions and what you can do to improve your grip in wet weather. It is not uncommon for a torrential downpour to come out of nowhere in our subtropical climate, so it’s important to always be prepared for rain. That means an emergency umbrella and rain jacket in your glovebox, but also tyres that are going to keep you safe in even the most hazardous weather conditions. So what makes a good wet weather tyre?


The best wet weather tyres provide a balance between contact with the road and good tread.


Tyre Width

Simply put, the more contact with the road the better. One way to increase your contact patch is with wider tyres. Tyres with increased width mean you have more rubber on the road and that equals better grip for accelerating, braking and turning. 



The other component of your tyres is the tread. When it comes to water, the tread is very important. When your tyres have good tread, there are deep grooves in the rubber that allow water to be channelled into it in order to keep the rubber of your tyres sitting on the road. If your tyres were smooth, they would sit on a layer of water rather than the road and your car would aquaplane. Instead, tread allows the water to disperse to provide good traction with the road. Typically, the deeper the grooves, the better wet weather traction.


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