What To Do With Used Tyres When You’re Not Putting Them On Your Car

Used tyres on Auckland vehicles are a big no-no when it comes to road safety. So when you’re advised to only use new and high-quality tyres on your vehicle, what can you do with your used ones? How about recycling them into something else? Not only will you be helping the environment but you’ll also be saving money by creating unique items for your home.

DIY Recycling Ideas for Your Used Tyres

The versatility of used rubber tyres is almost unlimited. You can create pretty much anything from tyre furniture to garden decor, bike racks to outdoor swings. All you need to do is purchase them from your local tyre shop, like us, or keep your old tyres when you have new ones fitted and give them a thorough clean. Some ideas include:

  • Creating raised beds for flowers and greenery. Paint the old tyres in different colours so they add some novel beauty to your garden. Be sure not to put soil and plants directly into the tyre as they may absorb chemicals from the rubber. Instead, use a pot and place it within the tyre.
  • Repurpose tyres into unique outdoor sculptures or stack them for practical storage space for your longer garden tools e.g. garden forks, shovels or rakes.
  • Stack used tyres and use as a compost bin.
  • Create outdoor play structures for kits to enjoy – a tyre playground if you will.
  • By cutting the used tyres in half, you can effectively build borders along flower beds and outdoor walking paths.
  • Paint tyres in refreshing colours, combine them with a wooden board and hang them from outdoor roofing or indoor roofs for effective hanging shelves. You can even combine these old tyres with plants and greenery for hanging plants.
  • Build unique chairs and complete this furniture with soft cushions for a comfortable place to sit. You could even build tyre benches by placing them side by side and covering with a soft mattress.
  • Combine your used tyres with a glass or wooden top for a vert different coffee table to be used outdoors.
  • Use old tyres as construction materials and as eco-bricks.
  • Use old tyres as an outdoor toilet for cats by filling the tyres with cat litter.
  • An individual sandpit for kiddies by filling old tyres with sand.

We’ll Replace Your Old Tyres With New Ones

If these ideas inspire to you get DIYing, or if your current tyres need replacing, contact us at Drury Tires today. We can assist you with all things tyres and so much more.