Wheel Alignments: Everything you need to know

Wheel Alignments: Everything you need to know

As tyre experts, we don’t just concentrate on the rubber. Wheel alignments are an essential part of safety for your vehicle and getting the most out of your new tyres. It ensures that your tyres meet the road at the correct angle, that your wheels are pointing straight ahead, and that your tyres are in the centre of the wheel arches. Adjusting the angle of your vehicle’s wheels to match the original specifications will give you improved fuel consumption, optimum road contact, a smooth ride and maximum tyre life.


As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to align the wheels every couple of years or after one of the following:


  • Adding new tyres
  • Lowering or raising the vehicle
  • Replace or adjust suspension components that affect tyre angle
  • Accidents or crashes 


You will often notice uneven tyre wear with the steering pulling to one side as the main tell-tale sign. Poor wheel alignment is a common cause of uneven tyre wear. Ideally, you should also keep an eye on tread wear on your tyres to make sure the tyres remain safe and in legal condition. A bad wheel alignment can shorten the life of your tyres by thousands of miles and compromise important steering and suspension components, resulting in high repair costs. Enjoy better fuel economy and longer lasting tyres by checking your wheel alignment at least every oil change or at the first sign of uneven or premature tyre wear. But what are the best ways to check?


Ways to Check

Use all your senses to detect misaligned wheels. Spot problems by checking the tyres with your hands, your eyes and your ears. Wheel alignment can help your tyres work properly which makes them safer for longer. It can also improve handling and prevent the vehicle from pulling in one direction or experiencing strange vibrations whilst driving. You need a wheel alignment straight away if your car is: 


  • Pulling to the left or the right
  • Experiencing uneven tyre wear
  • Your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight
  • Your tyres squeal whilst driving

Get in touch with Drury Tires today if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues and book a wheel alignment with one of our expert mechanics.