What’s Better For Tyres On NZ Cars? Nitrogen Or Air?

What’s Better For Tyres On NZ Cars? Nitrogen Or Air?

When you’re filling tyres in NZ, you have a choice: air or nitrogen. When it comes to smoother rides, a longer tyre lifespan, and better fuel economy, we firmly believe that nitrogen is the best bet for filling your vehicle’s tyres. In this blog post, we take a closer look at some of the advantages of nitrogen and why it’s better for your tyres and your vehicle in the long run.

Less Migration Through Rubber 

Because air is known to migrate through rubber faster than nitrogen, the tyre pressure decreases at a much quicker rate as well. This means you have to make more visits to the service station to inflate air tyres, and less efficient tyre performance over a prolonged period of time. So, for those who drive long distances or are simply on the road a lot, nitrogen-filled tyres will mean fewer stops, a lot of time saved and enhanced safety.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Thanks to nitrogen tyres delivering more consistent pressure than their air counterparts, blowouts and tyre damage are less likely to occur. This means fewer tyre replacements and reduced maintenance costs. This really adds up to a considerable saving over any given length of time.

A More Comfortable And Affordable Ride

Nitrogen-filled tyres create a more comfortable ride for both driver and passenger. This smoother ride means bumps are less likely to be felt while fuel-efficiency increases too, which will save you a significant amount of petrol money.

Less Corrosion Of The Steel Or Aluminium Rim

When tyres are filled with air (oxygen), humidity (water) is collected within the tyre. Water is a bad thing in this respect as it can slowly affect the steel or aluminium parts of the tyre. Less moisture inside your tyres means less corrosion on your wheels, and nitrogen certainly creates a drier environment.

Nitrogen Is Better Than Air

There are many reasons why nitrogen is a better option when it comes to filling your tyres. But while you can enjoy all the benefits that come with nitrogen-filled tyres, it must not lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to checking your tyres and pressure. Regardless of how good nitrogen is, there’s still no substitute for regular tyre maintenance and care – and that’s what we’re very good at! Contact us at Drury Tires today. We sell and recommend Nitrofill as it has been proven by so many of our loyal customers to give them a very smooth ride!