What’s Better: Paying For Expensive Tyres Or Cheap Tyres?

As you’re well aware, buying new tyres is part and parcel of owning and maintaining a vehicle. Depending on the car you own and your preferred choice of tyre brand, you could spend a pretty penny on those new tyres. But do you really have to?

It is sometimes possible to avoid the high price tags which go with premium tyres. Sure, we usually advise motorists to not skimp on costs when it comes to tyres, and car maintenance in general, but we also think that there are some cases where cheap tyres in Auckland are the better option. This is especially relevant when considering your circumstances or limited budget.

When we mention cheaper tyres, this does not mean secondhand. We’re talking about tyres from top manufacturers who offer lower-priced options.

Cheaper Tyres Are Ok When On A Budget, But…

Unless you’re replacing a single tyre due to a puncture or another reason, we think it’s ok to go for cheaper tyres if you need four new ones, or if your finances are limited. But, and it’s a big but, only do this when those tyres are from a well-known manufacturer. We’re not suggesting to go with a tyre brand you’ve never heard of or with tyres that look like they’ve seen better days.

Cheaper Tyres For Temporary Solutions

A cheaper tyre is a suitable choice if you’ve experienced a flat tyre or a puncture and you’re nowhere near your preferred tyre supplier. Another reason to go for a cheaper tyre is while you await delivery of your preferred brand. This is the best solution if your trips are shorter ones, as you probably won’t have to wait too long for your usual supplier to re-stock with your favourite brand.

Cheaper Tyres When You Need A Spare 

If you find yourself about to embark on a long road trip, and you need a spare, a cheaper brand is fine. It’s certainly better than being without a spare when something unforeseen happens during your journey.

Despite these situations, we always advise our clients to pay extra for their tyres if they can. Investing in quality tyres from leading manufacturers will give you plenty of benefits, from road safety to improved performance, and even greater fuel efficiency.

No matter what you’re after, contact us at Drury Tires. We’re the place where you’ll find cheaper tyres in Auckland or top of the line premium brands.