You go to get your car serviced, and you hear that your wheels need to be balanced and aligned. You have no idea what this means, so you leave with many questions that your mechanic can’t answer because you were too embarrassed to ask them. It’s time you learned what it means so that you can get your car serviced with confidence, without fear that you’re being scammed or cheated – and increase your confidence in looking after your car!

What Is Wheel Balancing And Wheel Alignment?

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are important for the performance of your vehicle and its tires. Wheels lose balance when your car’s weight is not distributed evenly. This causes the tread of the tire to deteriorate, usually in one particular area. It creates a shaky and a bumpy ride and makes your tires wear out faster than normal. Wheel alignment is when your car mechanic will align the wheels of your car to the position that manufacturers recommend, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear and save you money.

How Often Should You Balance And Align Your Wheels?

The wheel alignment on your car should be checked every year to stay ahead of any potential problems that may arise. Wheel balancing should be checked more often to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your tires, and it should also be done after every wheel rotation.

How Do You Know When To Check Wheel Alignment And Balancing?

If your car is pulling to the side when you’re driving or when you apply brakes, that may be one of the first signs that you need to check your wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment aren’t just words that your mechanic throws at you to confuse you into paying more money. While you might think it’s an extra and unnecessary service for your car, it’s quite essential to keep you safe on the road and preserve the lifespan of your vehicle and tires.

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