Tyres carry the entire weight of your car and its passengers, so it’s obvious that this car part is one that is important for your car’s ability to drive safely and efficiently. The problem usually arises when we need to replace them. As with most things, when we shop for tyres, we tend to look for bargains or the cheapest possible option. This becomes a problem when you find yourself compromising the quality of the tyres for your vehicle. Yes, you may find tyres at a really good price, but are they reliable and how long will they last you? Here you’ll see where not to buy tyres from and why you should rather go into a tyre shop in Pukekohe like Drury Tyres.

Online Tyre Sales

Online shopping is the way of and the future, and there’s no disputing the convenience that comes from a form of shopping that allows you to purchase something at two in the morning, without having to leave the comfort of your bed. While it may be an ideal situation for saving on time and travel, there are some things that you shouldn’t purchase online, such as tyres for your car. The quality and condition of the tyres being advertised might not be a true reflection of what’s on offer, and while an online store description might offer a pair of tyres as slightly used, they might have little to no tread left and may be worn or damaged.

Road Side Tyre Sales

Driving along the main road, it’s not unusual to see small establishments selling random items for sale, amongst which are tyres. While these are conveniently located on the way from work or right near a shopping centre where you’re going to be buying groceries, it might not be the best place for you to buy tyres. They may be in good shape and look brand new, but you won’t have a warranty on your purchase or installations and wheel alignment. You also have no idea where they came from.

It’s always good to look for convenience and bargains, but when it comes to your vehicle, avoid taking shortcuts. Buying tyres from a reputable tyre shop in Pukekohe like Drury Tyres means that you’ll not only enjoy tyre fitment, wheel alignment and wheel balancing, but you’ll also get a warranty on your tyres.