While Changing Tyres Can Be A DIY Task, Leave The Big Jobs To The Experts

While Changing Tyres Can Be A DIY Task, Leave The Big Jobs To The Experts

Although the internet has become a powerful tool in providing people with knowledgeable articles, online tutorials and DIY advice, there are simply some car repairs which need to be done by a professional mechanic. And that’s because even with the most informative demonstrations of car repairs, this cookie-cutter advice may not be targeted for your car model, year or components even though the advice pertains to your car brand.

Every vehicle differs and has unique manufacture standards which need to be upheld, and not everyone has the in-depth skills and expertise required to tackle a car repair in the correct way which complies with these standards. Nor the skills to actually achieve repair completion and success thereof. As expert mechanics specialising in tyres in Auckland, we believe that professionals offer a more comprehensive service that fixes the problem without making more of a motoring mess as experienced by those DIY vehicle know-it-nothings.

If You Want Bigger Problems, DIY Will Deliver These

Doing a car repair or minor fix-up yourself will leave you making mistakes and worsened the once-small-but-now-massive problem. Although you may look at vehicle maintenance as rather unnecessary and expensive, going the cheaper route will cost you an arm, leg and a massive bill later. A small repair job done by yourself inadequately does lead to further problems down the road – a road that leads to the professionals. All DIY paths lead to professional assistance and ultimately bigger costs. So, rather treat your minor problem in a major way and see the issue as so important that it does require a trip to a trusted mechanic.

Leave Mounting And Balancing To The Professionals 

Balancing tyres by yourself is actually not possible if looking to do it right, in fact, do it at all. Your lack of specialised equipment means only experts with expert workmanship and equipment can do this. It will require you to mount new tyres on a rim, which takes technical skill as well as rotating your tyres for balancing which takes specialised equipment which you won’t find in your garage.

Panel Beating Isn’t Simple And You Shouldn’t Try It

Attempting to do panel beating and other bodywork to conceal scratches or dents by yourself is likely to end up causing more damage to the exterior of your car. Manufacturers use specific industry colours, that are not readily available to the average customer and this means your paintwork will look shoddy and unmatched, devaluing the car’s worth considerably. Not only will this become embarrassing over time, with peeling paintwork and oddly shaped dents glaringly obvious to those who drive next to you, but it will also greatly reduce your vehicle’s value. No concealment or amount of paint can hide a DIY job!

Air-Conditioning DIY With Leave You Breathless And Broke

Anything repairs or replacements to do with air conditioning systems are not as simple as you may think. In fact, it’s not simple at all and if you think they are and attempt DIY, you’ll be left breathless after realising the problem has worsened and your wallet is about to be drained. Attempting to repair your air-conditioner system yourself may result in you breaking it completely or causing harm to yourself when trying to refill it with gas. Leave your car’s air conditioner system in the hands of those who know how to bring fresh, cold air into vehicles.

Leave Those Electronics Alone 

Because diagnostic equipment is available for sale to the public, it does not mean one should use it to resolve problems in their vehicle. And with good reason too. Not only will tampering with the electronics in your car void your warranty with the manufacturer but insurance providers will also be hesitant to cover your vehicle. The only electrical thing you should be tampering with is turning the volume button up or down or clicking the button to switch from one radio station to another.

All The Risk, None Of The Reward

Trained professionals and mechanics at your local shop servicing tyres in Auckland and more are your best bet for safe repairs that will have your car in good working condition immediately. Choosing to do car repairs yourself is risky with no reward at the end of the cheap tunnel. DIY jobs will leave you driving an unsafe vehicle and risking the lives of those who risk it all to drive in your death mobile.

Leave DIY To House Projects

At Drury Tires, we offer complete servicing and maintenance repairs performed by expert mechanics so you can rather embrace your DIY skills in other safe areas of your life. Contact us today to book your car in and let us show you how DIY is done the expert way!