Why Budget Tyres Aren’t All Bad Tyres

Why Budget Tyres Aren’t All Bad Tyres

Cars cost money to maintain – that’s a fact. WOFs, annual services, petrol, oil and mechanical repairs all put a dent in your pocket. Tyres are one expense that depends on the quality of the rubber you buy. Buying good quality tyres is more cost-effective as they age slower and are less prone to wear and tear. However, contrary to popular belief, good quality tyres do not have to be expensive. Expensive doesn’t guarantee good quality and low cost doesn’t necessarily mean bad.


What Are Affordable Tyres?

The affordable tyres we offer as part of our extensive selection at Drury Tyres are not subpar, unreliable or unsafe. In reality, they meet the same specific safety and quality standards as premium tyres. While they may not have the same tread life, cornering ability or road-handling performance as more expensive options, they still perform admirably – whilst saving you a few bucks. If you find yourself needing to make ends meet, these tyres provide a practical way to stretch your budget.


What Are Budget Tyres Good For?

Budget tyres are ideal for driving around town where speeds tend to be lower, and exceptional performance and handling are less critical factors to consider. So, if you use your car mainly for commuting a short distance to work, budget tyres could be the perfect choice. Tyres with lower price points in the Drury Tires range, and even our used options, serve as a great solution during financially challenging times.


Are Premium Tyres Better Than Budget Tyres?

While we always recommend investing in the highest quality tyres that fit within your budget, we understand that premium or high-performance options may not be feasible for everyone. These types of tyres offer superior performance, especially on open roads where speed and handling are crucial. However, they do come at an additional cost, particularly in the case of high-performance tyres designed for specific vehicles. More price-friendly alternatives may not provide the same level of performance but as long as they are properly maintained through regular wheel rotation and frequent check-ups with us, your safety will not be compromised.

Budget tyres should not automatically be dismissed as inferior. While they may not deliver the same premium performance and handling capabilities, they are perfectly suitable for driving without any issues. Contact Drury Tires to receive reliable tyre options regardless of your budget constraints. Get in touch with Drury Tires today.