Why Do Tyres Actually Need A Tread?

Why Do Tyres Actually Need A Tread?

If you’re like us and love motor racing, you’ll have noticed that high-performance racing cars use slick tyres most of the time. There’s not a millimetre of tread on them. Many of your fellow customers have noticed that too, and some of them will come into our South Auckland tyre shop and ask why their tyres need tread when racing tyres don’t. After all, your average family sedan travels a heck of a lot slower than your average racing car!

Actually, it’s a pretty reasonable question on face value. And to be honest, if we drove in perfectly dry conditions all the time, we could get away with driving on slick tyres as they provide excellent traction in those conditions. But we don’t drive in perfectly dry conditions all the time, and that is why we need a good deep tread on our tyres. They make our tyres driveable in all situations.

Good tread on your tyres will help to keep your vehicle stable and safe in imperfect road conditions. When it rains and the ground gets wet, the tread siphons water away from the tyres. If that process didn’t happen, water would become between the tyre and the road surface, causing your vehicle to lose traction and hydroplane. When you hydroplane, you lose all control of your vehicle…and who knows what would happen after that?

Even the world’s best race drivers are powerless to do anything when their car hydroplanes. The next time you’re watching a motor race and it starts to rain heavily, watch them bring their cars into the pits and swap their slick tyres for “wets”. The tread patterns on wet tyres displace water so that the tyre maintains contact with the road. It’s exactly the same principle on the race track as it is on the open roads of New Zealand.

Tread patterns also allow the tyre to dig into the ground’s surface for better grip, including times when you’re driving on sand, dirt, or mud. In these conditions, good tread depth allows for safer driving, better handling, and a more comfortable ride for everyone in the vehicle.

So now that you know why tyres actually need tread, you’ll understand why it is so important that your tyres have enough of it. And when you do need new tyres that give you plenty of grip, you know where to come. We’ll be happy to answer ALL your tyre questions!