Tyres are highly durable, but even the best tyres need replacing. As you drive around town, your tyres will soon wear out, with one or two sometimes wearing out more than others. If a tyre seems like it’s run its course, it makes perfect sense to replace it with a new one. However, one of the biggest mistakes drivers make is only replacing one tyre. As experienced mechanics, we can tell you that the best way to replace tyres is to do it in pairs, even if it seems like one tyre is stronger than the other. You may ask “What’s the point?”, but we’ll explain why this is ideal when replacing tyres.


Think about replacing tyres like hanging wet socks on a sock hanger. You’ve used up all of the clips, and yet the hanger is drooping to one side. This is because that side is holding long, thick socks, while the other side is holding smaller, thinner socks. Because of the extra weight, the hanger is unbalanced, which is what will happen if you only replace one tyre.

By replacing only one tyre, you create an imbalance on the axle with the unchanged tyre. Replacing tyres in pairs not only restores proper balance, but it improves grip and braking. If one tyre was stronger than the other, it can make for an uncomfortable and unsafe drive. This can also create a poor fuel economy.

Should I Replace Tyres in Pairs or Fours?

Replacing tyres in pairs does help restore balance, however the overall balance of your car can be improved by replacing them in fours. While this is the ideal way to go, we understand that budget may get in the way of purchasing four new tyres. The tyres on the other axel may also be quite new and could last a little while longer. Even though replacing your tyres is four is the best way to restore balance, the overall performance of your vehicle won’t suffer if you replace them in pairs. However, it is highly recommended that you replace all tyres of a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

How the Tyres Are Replaced

Pairs of tyres are always replaced on the same axle. The new tyres should also be in the same condition and size, and have the same speed and load bearing. Your new tyres should be installed on the rear axle, while your older tyres should be moved to the front. The new tyres on the rear axle can help you control your car better in wet conditions.

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