Why We Rate Bridgestone So Highly

Why We Rate Bridgestone So Highly

We have always been very proud of all the tyres we sell and fit on your vehicle. Even our used and budget tyres offer exceptional quality when you need to watch your pennies. But when it comes to exceptional quality, performance, handling and more then you can’t go past the number one brand in the world: Bridgestone tyres.

From 2017 to 2020, Bridgestone was named the Most Trusted Tyre Brand in New Zealand as well as across the Tasman in Australia. This survey to find the most reliable tyre brand on the market is commissioned by Reader’s Digest every year. The annual independent survey directs consumers to the brands they can trust most and for four years in a row, Bridgestone has come out on top. We wouldn’t be surprised if they win this title again in 2021.

When you look at all the work Bridgestone does to stay at Number One, you’ll see why they constantly win these sorts of accolades all over the world. For example, they’re not complacent. Bridgestone is a tyre company on an endless quest to improve and innovate. The company invests more than $800 million in the research and development of its tyres. That’s $800 million each and every year!

Bridgestone tyres are put through rigorous testing at 10 proving grounds in eight countries, and at just one of those proving grounds, 10, 000 tyres are tested every month on more than 200 different types of cars. You can’t get more rigorous than that.

We find these sorts of statistics quite staggering – and you should find them highly reassuring. Because when we sell you a brand new set of Bridgestone tyres, we know we’re selling you a brand that is tested beyond belief. With thousands and thousands of hours of testing and refining, these world-leading tyres use cutting edge technology to surpass global safety standards. They’re designed for maximum performance, handling, and safety. And with all that research and development, they’ll continue to reach the very highest standards, and go way beyond them.

If new tyres are on your shopping list in the near future, you can’t do better than Bridgestone. And like every tyre we sell, we keep the price as affordable as we can. So, for a better driving experience on a superior tyre, get in touch with us and ask about the Number One brand in New Zealand, and the rest of the world.