Why Your Tyres Are Wearing Out So Quickly

Why Your Tyres Are Wearing Out So Quickly

If you’re on Google yet again, searching for a “Tyre shop near me” yet again, then it’s clear that you’re replacing your tyres more often than you need to. If you want to know why the tyres on your vehicle are wearing our faster than they should, then you’re in the right place. ? In our vast experience at Drury Tires, these are the main factors in tyre wear that we’ve encountered. By knowing what those factors are, you can possibly make changes to get more mileage and performance out of your tyres and save yourself quite a lot of money in the long run

–  The way you drive: Things like spinning the wheels on acceleration, or locking them when you’re braking obviously increases the wear on your tyres. A change in your driving style where you become a more conservative and less aggressive driver will have almost instant results.

– Here’s one you can’t do much about. Bad roads! When you veer off our motorways and highways, you’ll notice that New Zealand roads aren’t always in the best shape and can play havoc on tyres, as well as suspension and bodywork. Where you can avoid getting off the beaten track too much although we do understand that there will be times you need to drive on inferior surfaces to reach your destination. In these cases, slow down as much as you can and drive smoothly without too much extreme acceleration or abrupt braking.

– Wonky wheel alignment is a major cause of tyres wearing down quickly and unevenly. Thankfully, this is a service we provide quickly and cheaply.

– High-speed driving will increase the temperature and wear on your tyres, so by getting out of lead foot mode you’re automatically doing your tyres a favour.

– Front-wheel drive cars show more wear on the front tyres because of braking and steering pressures, and the extra weight they have to bear. Regular tyre rotation will see all tyres share the workload.

– Excess load will increase the wear on your tyres, so check the load index to ensure you’re not placing too much of a weight burden on your tyres. We can help you work out what the load index is for your set of tyres.

– The correct inflation pressure is one of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your tyres. Under inflation and over-inflation can significantly increase the speed with which your tyres wear down.

Don’t replace your tyres more than you have to. But when the time comes, and you need new ones, contact us and we’ll fix you up with a great deal and more advice on how to extend the life of your tyres.