That transitional time of the year where it’s difficult to pinpoint whether it’s hot or cold is upon us. Most neighbourhoods are gleaming in autumn’s glow, and a chilled wind is whispering winter’s imminent arrival. The plush blankets are coming out of the back of the cupboard, and your annual summer-to-winter wardrobe exchange is in progress. You may be getting yourself into gear for the coming cold months, but what about your car? There’s no need to panic you still have time. Follow our simple tips to get your car tyres ready for winter in Auckland. Some of the advice we’ll share will apply throughout the year. Just make sure you pay extra special attention to these details in the run-up to the colder months.

Start At The Beginning: Assess The Overall Condition Of The Tyres

Your tyres are only as strong as their weakest spot. If you’ve identified soft spots, uneven bumps or tearing, then your driving safety may be compromised. Also listen out for strange sounds, because these may point to a puncture of sorts. Replace them to ensure a safe journey going forward.

Check The Tread Of Your Tyres For Wear & Tear

The law says that your tyre treads should measure a minimum depth of 1.6mm at any given time. Anything below this point is unsafe for driving. Make sure that all of your car’s tyres (including your spare) comply with this law before winter sets in. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting into avoidable road incidents from wet and occasionally snowy roads.

Conduct A Pressure-Check To Make Sure There’s Enough Air In Each Tyre

The idea that lower tyre pressure is good in the winter is wrong and dangerous. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to ensure that your tyres are at the right pressure whether you drive within or beyond Auckland.

Consider Changing To Specially-Designed Winter Tyres

You know how you can have a summer and winter wardrobe? You can do the same for your car.with its tyres. Consult with an expert to determine if it’s a necessary step, then arrange for the swap.

Still unsure if you’re on the right track to getting ready? Trust in Drury Tires. No matter the season, we provide top quality tyres in Auckland.