Winter Is Here. Are You Ready?

Winter Is Here. Are You Ready?

It’s hard to believe winter is here again. It always seems to sneak up on us and catch us unawares, but we really need to be prepared, particularly where motoring is concerned. Booking a car service in Auckland is one very sensible thing you can do, and thanks to our mechanical experts and our fully equipped workshop we can help get your vehicle ready for winter. But there are a few other things you can do and they include:

  • Get your windscreen winter-ready. Impaired vision caused by cold and wet weather, and greasy windscreens (often caused by drivers “cleaning” a fogged-up windscreen with their bare hands) increases the risk of having a crash. This is the time of year to get out of that habit! Do it properly by cleaning your screen and all interior glass with a  good-quality automotive glass cleaner. It might be a good idea to replace your wiper blades, especially if your current ones are worn and leaving streaks on your windscreen. You can also add detergent to your windscreen washer reservoir, but leave enough room so you can top it up with warm water if it freezes overnight.
  • Check your battery, and replace it if necessary. This is because the winter months can make your battery work harder, and cause it to fail much sooner than it should. It’s also wise to invest in some decent, protected jumper cables just in case of a breakdown. Cheap ones are not always reliable so buy the best you can afford.
  • Look at your lights. Shorter days and longer nights mean your lights will be running more than usual. It’s essential to regularly walk around your vehicle and check all of the lights are in working order and are clean. Lights that work properly will help you see better while driving and make you more visible to other motorists. It’s also a smart idea to check both indicators are working by turning your hazard lights on.
  • Put together an emergency winter kit. You never know when an emergency or a breakdown will occur. Not necessarily to you but to another motorist, and this could see you stuck on the side of the road or in a long line of traffic for a few hours. So put together an emergency kit for winter and keep it in the boot. It should contain a blanket, spare warm clothes, a torch (with spare batteries), a first aid kit, a high-visibility jacket, as well as enough water and food to cater for all passengers.

By following those winter driving tips, you’ll stay safer and more comfortable on the roads. And to get your vehicle up to scratch for the cooler months, don’t forget to contact us and book in that car service.