Your Car Tyres Need Mag Wheels And Here’s Why!

Your Car Tyres Need Mag Wheels And Here’s Why!

If you’re a car lover and looking to spruce up the appearance of your vehicle, mag wheels are definitely the way to go! You can easily transform the look of your car tyres in Auckland by putting a new set of mags on your wheels. While you’re attracting attention and enjoying the prestige of driving a very stylish car, you’ll also be enjoying a host of other benefits from this attractive investment. This includes enhanced performance, efficiency, safety and long-term savings – the sort of practical things you don’t usually associate with mag wheels.

In this blog, we look at the advantages of mag wheels and why you should create a new look for your vehicle.

Increase The Value Of Your Car

Whether you own a car, SUV or people mover, putting on a new set of mags will certainly increase the resale value – not that you’ll ever want to sell your beauty of a vehicle once it’s adorned with shiny mag wheels!

Improve Vehicle Performance

Most mags sold on the market are lightweight, strong and suitable for the everyday road user. While you’ll spend upfront cash to buy your mag wheels, in the long run, they could actually save you money. Along with improved vehicle performance, fuel costs are reduced thanks to a decreased unsprung mass created by mag wheels.

With a decrease in unsprung weight, mag wheels transmit less inertia to the springs, allowing the suspension to follow the terrain more easily and providing better grip. Overall, motorists will experience a drastic improvement in handling, steering and cornering, no matter what the terrain. With better handling and grip, comes increased safety – yet another benefit, and a very important one!

Mag wheels also optimise airflow to your brakes, which keeps them cooler for longer. In the long run, this means long term savings on brake repairs and replacements.

Costs for actual wheels can be lessened as mag wheels give motorists more tyre options – and this includes a greater selection of cheaper tyres. Why is this you ask? It’s because mag wheels provide a lighter yet more stable base for wider, bigger tyres.

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