Your Mags: Repair Or Replace?

Your Mags: Repair Or Replace?

Mag wheels make such a difference to the appearance of a car. That’s why we supply and install so many of them at our South Auckland workshop.  At Drury Tyres, we have an amazing selection of wheels in all brands, all types, all finishes. If we don’t have your preferred mag in stock, we’ll get it for you, and in a hurry.

We specialise in mag wheel repairs in Auckland too. Mags are vulnerable to being scratched and scraped over the course of a lifetime, with kerb crunching being the number one cause. We’ve all done it – gotten a little too close to a kerb when parking up and damaging those pristine mag wheels as a result. Most of the time, the damage is superficial and we have plenty of techniques, backed up with the best equipment and expertise, to make your mag wheels look as good as new.

However, on occasion, that damage might be more than skip deep. If the impact against the mag wheel was more than a tap, then there could be structural issues that need to be addressed – a crack, a bend or a buckle can result in major problems. The entire wheel system can be compromised which is potentially very dangerous if something goes wrong while you’re travelling at high speed. There is also a greater chance of rapid tyre wear, punctures, blowouts and even worse when mag wheels are severely damaged.

For all these reasons, you should not delay when you notice any damage on your mag wheels. Even if you think it is just a scuff that you can live with, you should really contact us as soon as possible. We can perform a highly effective repair in the majority of cases – but there may be the odd occasion when we suggest that a replacement might be the safest option.  A thorough inspection by our experts will help us decide on the best way forward, and you can be assured that we will give you an honest opinion and knowledgeable advice. We will never recommend mag wheel replacement as a way to make a quick buck.

So, when it comes to mag wheel repairs or replacements, contact us straight away. Don’t leave it too long once any damage has occurred because it isn’t safe to do so. Let’s get it sorted as soon as possible.